U-C: What I See

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Video from the dialogue with Presbyterians in Las Vegas


Several of you have expressed curiosity about the day that I spent talking about tough issues with Presbyterians in Las Vegas. I'm pleased to report that folks there have worked hard to make the video footage available on the web. You can check it out


I have had some trouble playing the footage on some browsers.

Please remember that the style was intentionally informal. I spoke without a manuscript and answered questions extemporaneously, and I tried, as always, to share my experiences as moderator and my understandings of the church as honestly as I could. There are at least one or two errors that I made that were factually incorrect, though relatively minor in terms of their importance. More importantly, this is not a polished statement of Presbyterian Policy, nor should it be taken that way.

Thanks for your care for the future of Christ's church.