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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Young Adult Ecumenical Forum on Globalization and Poverty

Hey young adults,

Here's a "heads-up" on what sounds like a great opportunity. There will be an ecumenical gathering called the "Young Adult Forum on Globalization and Poverty" to be held at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis from August 11th to the 14th. I found out about it from Elizabeth Campbell, a "student no more" who just graduated from Davidson College.

The speakers look great, and our churches absolutely need to be in the thick of responding to the challenges of the global economy. If you're interested, check out this website.



My name is Elizabeth Campbell, and I met you during your time at Davidson College this past spring! (I just graduated this May). I am writing to you because I need your help! I am part of a planning committee for a summer conference that will take place at Eden Theological Seminary this August (from the 11-14). The event is called the Young Adult Ecumenical Forum on Globalization and Poverty, and basically, we are a bunch of young adults who are passionate about issues of peace and justice and trying to establish ecumenical space for young adults to learn more about contemporary issues (this year: poverty and globalization) and earnestly discuss how the American Church can faithfully confront these issues and their many subtleties and consequences. Overall, we have an amazing array of speakers for this year's forum and are really, really excited about our plans!