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Saturday, January 07, 2006

High School Students - Check out Sheldon Jackson College

Sheldon Jackson - Alaskan Education in a Christian Environment

Bet you didn’t know that Sheldon Jackson is a Presbyterian College located right on the waterfront in Sitka Alaska. Bet you didn’t know that it has what is arguably one of the top two or three fish hatchery programs among any college in the United States. Bet you didn’t know it is a ridiculously good tuition value, and that there are only about three hundred students there. Bet you didn’t know about the historical museum on the Sheldon Jackson campus, or the really cool marine biology program, or all the other degree programs that SJ offers. Bet you didn’t know that Sitka is located in a beautiful rainforest, and that there’s sea kayaking, biking, hiking, skiing (if you’re willing to hike up the mountain) and amazing mountain scenery there.

I didn’t know about any of that until I visited last fall, but I’ll tell you what – if I was going to go back to college, Sheldon Jackson would be among the top half dozen schools that I would look at.

Check it out at http://www.sheldonjackson.edu.

And if SJC doesn’t float your boat, check out the rest of our Presbyterian Colleges and Universities at www.apcu.net

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