U-C: What I See

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Prayer for CPT volunteers in Baghdad


I have just received word that four volunteers with Christian Peacemaker Teams, one of whom is a long-termer currently assigned to the Iraq team, were kidnapped on November 26th.

For more information, check out www.cpt.org.

Many of you know that I have often asked for prayers for our soldiers, and for Iraqi civilians as well, who are in harms way. Today, please take a few moments to hold these CPT volunteers in prayer.

I continue to believe that the nonviolent witness of volunteers with CPT and its sister organizations around the world are the baby steps we must take toward a world community committed to living in peace. Imagine the kind of world we could help to create as hundreds of thousands of us commit to take the same risks for nonviolent peacebuilding that we currently expect from our soldiers.

Pray for Peace,