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Friday, November 11, 2005

Call to Prayer and Solidarity for Bolivia - November 15, 2005

Dear Joining Hands Colleagues,

A week ago the Joining Hands representatives from Newark and San Francisco Presbyteries returned from a visit with our partners in Bolivia. Among the many things that we learned on the trip was about the deep concern that many Bolivians have over the presence of US military in Paraguay, a fact that is having a profound effect on Bolivian efforts to govern themselves through a more just democracy. We were asked by our colleagues of the Joining Hands for Life Network inBolivia to voice their concerns to the church and the nation.

Following through with this pledge, this week San Francisco Presbytery adopted a resolution calling for a day of Prayer and Solidarity on November 15. Now we ask you, as members of the extended family of the Joining Hands networks, to join us in this action.

What can you do?

  • Join us in personal or group prayer on Tuesday, November 15 at 1 PM EST.
  • Get your own Presbytery to adopt a similar resolution - whether or not you can make it by November 15.
  • Write a letter to to your local newspaper expressing your concern and calling for the US government to explain their intentions in SouthAmerica.
  • Send Press packets to your local media on the subject (contact our Presbytery for more information.)
  • Hold a prayer rally and invite the press.
  • Contact your congress people and demand to know what is going on in Paraguay and South America.
  • Tell you congregations about your concern and ask people to join in the effort.

Thank you for your partnership.

Brad Hestir

Joining Hands

Presbytery of San Francisco