U-C: What I See

Friday, September 10, 2004

On writing blogs

It occurs to me that my tastes, and my reflections, are somewhat eclectic. Further, I'm already realizing that publishing a blog can be somewhat dangerous, because I write off the top of my head or share something that strikes me as meaningful, and it's published almost before I blink.

Just so I'm clear - this is what I intend with these reflections.

I'm hoping that I can share stories about my travels and the people I meet for those of you who are interested.

I do not see this as the place to try to nail down the "official position of the PCUSA". For that, I recommend the website at www.pcusa.org.

I do hope to ruminate on issues that captivate me or that trouble me. In that capacity, I'll try to be clear that these are simply my own positions and that I invite genuine, respectful reflection and dialogue from others. If you agree and have a story to tell, I'd invite your response. If you disagree and have a story to tell, that would be fine, too.

I have chosen to ask Heather, my friend and admin. assistant for the next two years, to preview your comments to the Yahoo group before they are posted. I would ask you to strive, as I do, to be positive and open to new ideas. I've asked Heather not to post anything that uses inappropriate language, that makes personal attacks against me or anyone else, or that stresses the negative over the positive. It's a fine line, but I do believe that its possible to disagree with one another in positive ways.

When i come across something like the letter from Jonathan Scanlon that impresses me, I'll ask for permission before sharing it. There too, I invite readers to see it as a way to open ourselves up to new ideas.

Anyway, so far it feels good. About forty people have already signed up for the Yahoo group "your turn to talk", and it's only been a couple of days.

Dave Hackett, one of the Associate Directors of Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship, is responsible for making all this happen, and we'll continue to turn to him for ideas about how to improve our conversation as we go along.