U-C: What I See

Monday, September 06, 2004

Headed for Colombia, South America

You may know that the Presbyterian Church in Colombia has asked for "accompaniment" from members of the PC(USA). I was with Milton Mejia, the General Secretary of that denomination (there are two Presbyterian denominations in Colombia, and the PC(USA) partners with both of them) at the end of August in Chicago, and he described their concerns.

Because their church has expressed concern about the human rights violations that are rampant in Colombia (on the part of the guerilla groups, paramilitaries who operate with a nod from the government, and the government military as well), church leaders are growing increasingly concerned about the possibility that they may be targetted by the government and even imprisoned for their work. They have asked Presbyterians in the U.S. to spend time with them in Colombia in order to create a higher profile for their pastors and members who may be at risk. Further, they want our help in getting their story out to our churches across the United States.

I believe that this is exactly the kind of work that we are called to as Christians in an increasingly dangerous and violent world. I'll be spending a week in Colombia during September, so stay tuned for more as I learn more myself.

With prayers for Christ's peace,