U-C: What I See

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ignorance ends where relationship begins


You know, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my own ignorance. As an American, if you had asked me to describe Pakistan to you before my visit here, about all I could have come up with would have been a vague impression that it is a very dangerous place that is a breeding ground for terrorism.

Four short days later, I have friendships here. I’ve gotten to know pastors and seminary students. I’ve visited schools and met with leaders of the church and clinics and outreach ministries. I’ve learned about the incredible compassion and generosity that Pakistanis have shown one another in the wake of the earthquake. I’ve hung out with some of our long-term mission workers here, and played with their kids.

I’m embarrassed. This culture is so rich, and as one person sadly put it, “Pakistanis have been known around the world for the way they have defined the word “hospitality, but all we can think about in the U.S. is terrorism.”

Ignorance ends where relationship begins.


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